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Dogs:- €13.00 per guest per night (€11.00 per night long term*)
  €20.00 two guests sharing kennel (€17 per night long term*)
Cats:- €9.00 per guest per night (€7.00 per night long term*)
  €16.00 two guests sharing (€12.00 per night long term*)
  *Long Term = >28-nights. Numbers greater than two by individual agreement.
Small furry animals (hamster, guinea pig, rabbit etc): €3.00 per cage per night
Caged birds:- €2.00 per cage per night.

We are happy to receive payment in the following ways:-

Euros – cash, bank transfer or French cheque payable to:-

‘Le Chenil du Caravelle’

Sterling – cash, bank transfer or cheque drawn on a UK bank payable to:-

‘Le Chenil du Caravelle’

US Dollars – cash, bank transfer or dollar cheque payable to:-

‘Annette Quayle ’


Please take a few moments to read through these conditions for boarding, which we have tried to keep as simple as possible and to a minimum. They help to ensure a happy experience for our guests and peace of mind for you.

  1. All guests will be fed on quality dried foods unless the client requests otherwise.

  2. Canine guests will be walked, on a lead, twice a day unless the client requests otherwise.

  3. Please bring guest’s own bedding and toys if at all possible. We regret that we cannot be held responsible for any damage that guests may do to these items.

  4. All guests must be vaccinated according to the requirements set down in health matters Proof of vaccination will be required at check-in and vaccination documents held on file and made available to veterinary authorities during inspections. All documents will be returned to clients upon guest collection.

  5. All guests must be identified by either tattoo or microchip.

  6. Guests must be in good health, and we must be informed of any recent or ongoing sickness, surgery or medication (including seasons and whelping) preferably at time of booking but no later than check-in.

  7. In the event of any guest illness or cause for concern we will immediately consult our veterinary surgeons in Coutances. If the client has requested that their own veterinary surgeon be consulted we will, unless circumstance dictates that this is not practical, do our best to comply with this request. In the event of serious illness, we shall endeavor to contact the client immediately. Non-scheduled veterinary visits will be charged at cost plus €10 per visit to cover transport.

  8. Elective veterinary visits for long term guests and guests returning to the UK (eg. antibody tests, vaccinations, pre-travel examination etc) will also be charged at cost plus €10 per visit unless agreed otherwise at time of booking.

  9. Neither "Le Chenil du Caravelle", nor its staff or agents, can be held responsible for the death of any guest whilst staying with us.

  10. We will require a deposit of 20% or €20 (whichever is greater) at time of booking, which is deductible from final account, however, we reserve the right to enforce the deposit in the event that a booking is cancelled within 10-days of the commencement of the booking. No shows will be charged per the booked period. We will exercise discretion in these areas if at all possible, but it may be expected that they will be enforced especially at peak holiday times.

  11. Guests can be checked-in/collected at most times of day by arrangement. If a guest is collected after 12-noon we do reserve the right to make an additional charge, especially during busy holiday periods. If you are unable to check-in/collect at the agreed time, this will not be a problem, but please give us as much notice as possible.

  12. Guests can be collected and returned to the clients’ home address for a charge, if any, as agreed at time of booking.

  13. Whilst multiple occupancy by guests from the same family is encouraged it is not possible for different species to share accommodation (ie. for dogs & cats to share the same kennel/cat pen).

  14. The fees charged will be those published on the website, as amended from time to time, or by any separate agreement with the client at time of booking. All fees must be settled at time of collection, and interim accounts may be produced, as agreed with client at time of booking, in the case of long term guests.

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