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The kennels are built to a very high standard set down by professional consultants in the UK, and are located immediately behind the family’s home, surrounded by their own farm land of approximately 6-hectres (almost 15-acres).

There are no main roads nearby. The nearest other property is some 2km (1.3 miles) away. This means that our guests will not disturb anyone. But more importantly, it means that our guests will not be disturbed by their human neighbours!

There are eleven kennels in the purpose built kennel block (another, similar block will be built next winter to satisfy demand). All kennels are divided into two parts. There is an inside area with bedding and, when it’s chilly, heating. There is also a covered outside exercise run. Both sections are protected by a further perimeter.

The partition between the pens is solid – this eliminates the inter-pen competition and possibly aggression which sometime afflicts pens partitioned by open mesh.

Most of the kennels can be doubled in size by partition removal – this may be helpful if two or more large guests from the same family wish to share accommodation (especially useful for long term guests).

The kennels have their own drainage system to aid cleaning.


There are two catteries, between them providing 12 units for guests. The original three-cat unit is located in a separate annex to the kennel block. There is also an adjacent more recently converted dependence containing nine further units. All are broadly similar in size. They have natural light, and are equipped with climbing and scratching facilities. All units have heating available.

All guest accommodation is thoroughly cleaned twice a day. Litters are replaced every day. As required by recent veterinary service regulations, we have installed a purpose built fosse septic for hygienic disposals after cleaning.

Dogs are usually fed once a day (about 4pm) and cats twice a day, although bespoke feeding can be carried out to client instruction. Unless a client requests otherwise we use quality dried food, although we also carry stock of wet (tinned) meals. We can of course prepare fresh meals for sensitive guests if required, or obtain specific brands to suit their individual palates. We also welcome the provision of your own food, if you prefer.

Guests are visited throughout the day, commencing at 8am, and all visits are logged.

Unless specifically requested otherwise by clients, canine guests get a walk, on a lead, every day. Off-lead exercise would be entirely at the discretion of the client, and needs to be specifically requested. Our land is not bounded by any main roads, and is made up of a number of fields spanning a valley bisected by a stream, with several kilometers of hedgerow. There is enough to keep even the most discerning nose interested for the duration of their vacation with us!


Guests need to be vaccinated according to the details listed under Health Matters and we would ask you to bring all certificates/passports etc with you.

Canine & feline guests need to have appropriate ID certification supported by either tattoo or microchip implant.

Please let us know about any recent or ongoing sickness, surgery, or medication (this includes seasons or whelping). Especially, please advise us if your bitch is pregnant. This will not prevent a guest staying with us, but it is important that we know.

Whilst we specialise in giving extra care to sensitive or elderly guests, any pet can be subject to some stress when away from familiar smells, friends, family and surroundings (not necessarily in that order!). Accordingly, it would be helpful if you could bring something intimate that is ‘theirs’ – a special toy perhaps and certainly their own bedding (please do not wash it before the start of the vacation – the more familiar sniffs that remain, the better!!).

Please try to ensure that feline guests are in their basket upon arrival – they are obviously accommodated in physically separate buildings but they will hear dogs barking on their way to the catteries so we would prefer them to be secure until they are safely within their own accommodation.

We welcome inspections from any client that has not used our services before. It would be helpful if you could let us know roughly when you are coming so that somebody is on hand to show you around.

We would be happy to take care of the smaller members of your family, such as hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.

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