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Bertie, Lucy, Jezabel, Josie & Delius

British ex-pats Shaun & Justine Butler were returning home from East Africa with their four cats and dog, and we were instructed to collect the four legged ensemble from Paris CDG and bring them back to Le Chenil du Caravelle until the couple had arrived at their rented house in the South of France, where they planned to spend the qualifying period before returning to the UK. Unfortunately the shipper that the Butlers had employed lost all the paperwork en-route and it took almost three days to get the pets released at CDG!

We eventually delivered the family to Shaun and Justine in Toulouse where they were later joined by a Great Dane puppy, Bella, who unfortunately almost from the outset became ill with a digestive disorder.

The Butlers plans later changed and they had to return to the UK early, so the now two dogs and four cats came to us for the balance of the qualifying period, where poor Bella needed both an operation and pretty much constant nursing. Reluctantly Shaun decided that it would be better for her to be re-homed and we were lucky enough to place her with some lovely clients of ours here in Normandie, where she is now much better, and very happy (see separate story).

Shaun says “……there are very few times in ones life that you have to entrust your loved ones to a stranger. Unfortunately as we were based in East Africa and needed to ship our pets (one dog & four cats) to France for kenneling we had no choice but to hope that our leap of faith was justified. What can I say? Anything that could go wrong with the shipping did. Your dedication, perseverance, help, kindles and professionalism won through and our animals managed to clear French customs, despite our useless Tanzanian shippers. That alone was enough to earn our boundless admiration for you and your team.

“However yet more tribulations were to follow. Leaving France with our newly acquired Great Dane puppy, Bella, was a great idea, but once again tested your commitment. Poor Bella was desperately ill and as always, big dogs = big problems! Your love for animals shone through and you looked after her as if she was your own.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your services and wish you every success in the future, God knows, I can think of no one that deserves it more”

Shaun & Justine Butler (and of course the pack!)

Surrey, England August 2009





“We would take Bell back to Le Chenil du Caravelle with no worries at all. Annette was very helpful & very friendly.

Thank you so much for looking after Bell so well."

Susan Lane

La Manche,
May 2009






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