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From Cerisy la Salle to Le Chenil du Caravelle – distances are from town square

  1. From the town square car park take the D29 signposted Notre Dame de Cenilly & Percy. You will leave the square with the Marie/Post Office/Pharmacy on your right hand side, and the Proxi store on your left������.

  1. ���..the road falls as it leaves the village. At 0.3km there is a picnic area on the right as the roads bends left. At 0.5km another road joins from the right [above] � continue down the hill on the D29. At 0.6km the roads turns sharply left and the gates of a Chateau will be seen on the right. Continue on the main road.

  1. Near the bottom of the hill, at 0.9km, there is a crossroads on a sharp bend to the right [above left]. Follow the main road around the right hand bend � ie. stay on the D29. On your left at this junction is a memorial to a wartime plane crash [above right], over which multiple flags are often flown. The road crosses a small stone bridge at 1.00km, then starts to rise���

  1. ……..and at 1.7km a tiny lane joins from the left – stay on the main road. Near the top of the hill, at 1.9km, farm buildings will be seen at 90-degrees to the road, with a turning immediately opposite – you need to turn right here [shown above]. This is the D229, but it is not marked as such. A useful landmark is a blue sign on the corner of this turn which refers to an annual cycle race held on this route. This turning is important, and is where most people go wrong! If it’s mid-August watch out for cyclists – they don’t close the road

  1. Proceed down the unmarked D229 to 3.3km and take the left turn – but be careful! A farm track is seen on the left immediately before your turn [above left] – make sure that you take the actual lane [above right]. Proceed down this lane – you will pass between farm buildings at 3.7km, and twists and turns at 3.9km, where you may see a fishing lake on the left (although it may be obscured by summer growth), followed by a lovely landscaped stream with wooden footbridges on the right, at 4.0km. A cottage with blue shutters is passed on the left at 4.05km, and at 4.2km the lane bends 90-degrees to the right………

  1. ……….then almost immediately left, and you’re almost there! At 4.5km a road joins from the right – you should continue straight ahead. You are effectively crossing the top of a ‘T’-junction but it is a slightly odd shape [above left]. A metal gate will be seen on your left. Very shortly after, at 4.75km, you take the first left, between the high banks of the bocage [above right], and you’ve arrived at Le Chenil du Caravelle!

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