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From Notre Dame de Cenilly to Le Chenil du Caravelle – distances are from town crossroads
  1. From the town crossroads take the D29 signposted Monpinchon & Cericy la Salle (& stade). You will leave the crossroads with the EpiService shop and Boulangerie/Pâtisserie on your left and the Church on your right.

  1. Very shortly after leaving the town, at just 0.4km, you will see a large cross forming a junction [above]. Take the left fork here. This is the D206 but it is not marked as such. It is quite a twisty road. At 1.2km you will go down a hill through a tiny hamlet, and see a pink house on your right.

  1. At 1.55km the lane turns 90-degrees to the left, but it is possible to go straight on � do not! Follow the lane around to the left [pictured above]. You may notice a small stone shrine on your right hand side, if the grass is not too long. Very shortly afterwards, the lane turns 90-degrees right, with a farm and barn on your left. Follow the lane around to the right.

  1. At 2.3km you will see a fork [above]. Turn right here. Continue to the very end of this lane where you will see, at 3.0km………

  1. ……..a ‘T’-junction faced by a metal gate [above left]. Turn right here. Very shortly after, at 3.25km, you take the first left, between the high banks of the bocage [above right], and you’ve arrived at Le Chenil du Caravelle!

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